A short history

Morocco has been influenced by several civilizations since Antiquity. Each has marked the land with an indelible imprint. This has produced an incomparable historical heritage.

Berber origins

According to legend it was Hercules who created Morocco when he opened the Strait of Gibraltar. Whatever the case, the presence of mankind here has been shown to date back 300,000 years. Originally inhabited by Berbers, the country opened up to Phoenician and Carthaginian influences, before submitting until the 5th century to the Romans. They would leave relics, such as the site at Volubilis, testifying to the prosperity which came from agricultural production. From 647, the Arab and Islamic conquest began.

Ancient mosque

In 788, Idriss I, contesting the power of Baghdad, founded the Idrisid kingdom in Volubilis. There followed the Almoravid dynasties, the Berber conquerors of the south, then the Almohads whose power extended into Muslim Spain, and finally the Merinids, Berbers from the high plateaus.

Varied heritage

Religious tolerance, Andalusian heritage, and the prosperity of these dynasties created treasures which now constitute the cultural, artistic and architectural richness of the country. From the 16th century, the empires of Arabic, Saadian then Alaouite origin ensured the unity and independence of Morocco. Today, Morocco is ruled by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, crowned on July 30th, 1999; he is the 23rd king in the Alaouite dynasty which came to power at the beginning of the 17th century. The monarchy ensures the unity of the country, and the reign of Mohammed VI is marked by a desire to build a unified and modern democratic state, which respects its traditions and its identity.

Nature is never far away in Morocco. Desert, mountains, valleys and sea - the country has plenty to offer fans of the outdoors!  Hikers of all levels will love walking the Moroccan mountains. Among the temperate peaks of the Rif mountain range, its cliffs jutting out into the Mediterranean make this under-explored region magical.

Morocco mountain

The lakes are packed with trout waiting for amateur fishermen. The more sporty will want to tackle the challenges of the Middle and Upper Atlas mountains on foot, by mountain bike or in a paraglider, or to practice mountain climbing, canyoning or pot-holing. Its summits can reach 4000m high. Ifrane, the little Moroccan Switzerland, may come as a pleasant surprise with its summer coolness, winter snow and traditional "mule-ski" trails.

Nothing is as indescribable as a stay on the edge of the desert... Head to Ouarzazate to discover its immensity and colours. At night, opt for an encampment in the desert, a chalet in the mountains and, wherever you are, bed and breakfast with the locals for an unforgettable and authentic experience. These are at the heart of the Moroccan identity, like palmtrees, argan oil and the honey from its lavender.

Looking out over the Atlantic, you will be enchanted by the turquoise waters of Dakhla bay! There you will meet migratory birds and pink flamingos. In Morocco, every taste is naturally catered for!


Go for the grand tour of Morocco, The Kasbahs Trail or the imperial cities for an unforgettable stay.  Learn about the traditions of roses and honey or set off on an architectural tour, for a journey to the heart of typical Morocco.  Whether on sunny beaches, in nature parks, palm groves or lush oases, allow yourself to be soothed by the pleasant Moroccan lifestyle…

Landscapes and Moroccan cities reveal themselves to you during journeys by 4x4, quad bike, mountain bike or on foot. For golf fans, the greens provide exceptional views and famous courses.


Marrakech, for an exotic and different stay less than three hours' flight from all the European capitals.  Fez, for a stay in space and time with Arab-Andalusian overtones.  Marrakech for its palm grove, Tangier for its atmosphere and Agadir for its fine-sand bay.  Ouarzazate, to feel the call of the desert or that of the neighbouring valleys and fortresses.


The Atlas and the Rif mountains, for an environmentally friendly vacation surrounded by nature.  The Moroccan desert, for an inspiring stay where dunes and sky merge silently into infinity.

From sport to lounging, from culture to crafts, experience every aspect of Morocco while practising your hobbies
Visit museums, monuments and gardens to discover the thousand and one facets of cultural Morocco.
Let yourself be pampered in traditional hammams or take advantage of our modern spa or balneotherapy facilities.
Discover age-old crafts and fill your suitcases with typical and varied souvenirs.
Take advantage of hundreds of kilometres of sand and dunes overlooking the Atlantic ocean or in the blue waters of the Mediterranean.
Head off to discover the desert as part of an organised tour or, too be sportier, in a 4X4, on foot or on a camel.

Don't forget your clubs! With clear skies 360 days a year, Morocco's golf clubs await you for a few colourful rounds
Walk from the Saharan sands to the Atlas mountains and enjoy the infinite variety of Moroccan landscapes.

Climb aboard for comfortable and unusual cruises marked out by unforgettable stopovers.
Go riding, fishing or parachute jumping… every outdoor sport awaits you in Morocco!
Take part in international music and film festivals, traditional Moroccan festivals.
Surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing, diving… enjoy all the thrills of the seaside.
Set off in search of dolphins, pink flamingoes, gazelles and explore the reserves and nature parks.

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